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January 15-20, 2018
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Do you need inspiration for your practice? Or do you simply need to practice inspiration? With this series, we aim to do both.

Give us 15 minutes. We’ll give you Practice Inspiration.


Mr. Kirk Behrendt
The Power of Systems
Dr. Giovanni Zucchelli
Non Carious Cervical Lesions ...
Mr. Bob Salvin
Are You Dr. Albert Einstein o...
Dr. Mandelaris, DDS, MS
The Use of Case Type Patterns...
Jeffrey L. Boone, M.D
The Eradication of Heart Atta...
Paul Fletcher, DDS
In Office and At Home Implant...
Dr. Brahm Miller
Implant Abutment Design
Mr. Tim Greaves
Simple Math Techniques Used b...
Dr. Martijn Moolenaar
Facially Generated Treatment ...
Mr. Robb Zbierski
Overcoming Your Brain's Unhel...
Ms. Katherine Eitel-Belt
Intuitive Leadership: Leading...
Mr. David Cohen
Legal Partnerships
Dr. Newton Fahl
Restoring Smiles with Composi...
Dr. George Mandelaris
Surgically Facilitated Orthod...
Dr. Sonia Leziy
Simple Surgical Adjuncts Impr...
Dr. Wael Garine
Edentulism - The Not So Clear...
Mr. Dave Weber
Intentionally Build Excellenc...
Amy Doneen, DNP, ARNP
Dentistry is a Life-Saving Pr...
Karen Baker, MS RPh
Confessions of an Opiophobe
Marco Brindis, DDS
Material Selection for the Im...
Mr. Mark Battiato and Ms. Deb Castillo-Velde
Taming the Overhead Beast
Rob Ritter, DMD
3D Dentistry and the Digital ...
Mr. Kirk Behrendt
The Secret to Success in a De...
Ian McNickle, MBA
Online Marketing for Dental O...
Dennis M. Abbott, DDS
Why a Dentist Must Be Part of...
Pinhas Adar, MDT, CDT
Take Charge of Your Business ...
Paresh Shah, DMD, MS
The Evolution of a Comprehens...
Hooman Zarrinkelk, DDS
Expanding Treatment Options
Brian K. Schroder, DDS
Digital Impressioning: A New ...
Daron Praetzel, DMD, OMS
What You See and Hear
Mr. Tim Twigg
Employment Compliance for Den...
Planning Lower Implants
Jeff Rouse, DDS
Doctor, Heal Thyself
Joel Rosenlicht, DMD
Bone Grafting—Socket Preserva...
Peter Fay, DMD
Getting to Yes: Helping Patie...
Lauralee Nygaard, DDS
Floss Away Cardiac Risk
David Schwab, PhD
7 Ways Independent Dentists C...
Christopher Ramsey, DMD
Art of Nonverbal Communication
Paul Fugazzotto, DDS
Micro vs. Macro Success
Mr. Terre Harris
OSHA and HIPAA Basics: A Com...
Edward Allen, DDS, PhD
Aesthetic Crown Lengthening
Robert Margeas, DDS
Predictable Perio-Gingival Ae...
Ariel Raigrodski, DMD, MS, FACP
The All-Ceramic CAD/CAM Updat...
J. William Robbins, DDS
4-5-6 "Global Diagnosis"
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